Why Is Korean Skin Care Such A Big Deal?

The Korean skin care hype is no joke. You've definitely seen it mentioned around youtube & beauty blogs a lot. If you read my blog, you've probably seen some of my reviews too. So, why is Korean skin care such a big deal? Lets investigate! :)

And since it wouldn't be much fun to investigate alone, I decided to get help from some Asian Beauty focused bloggers instead.

Before you start reading please note that opinions can be different and the questions I asked them are:

-Why do you think Korean skin care is so popular?
-Why do you personally like & use Korean skin care products? 

So what they said reflects their personal thoughts, however you are welcome to comment whether you agree or disagree with these opinions.

Kim from KimKine

The K wave has been taking the world by storm for the last couple of years and all the idols and actors have dewy, flawless skin! Every person in the Western world whom I have introduced to Kpop has commented on how amazing their skin is. I think this has a large part to play in the popularity of Korean skin care because we then automatically associate Koreans with perfect skin.

I personally like Korean skin care products because they are so much more affordable than products in Australia and I like that there are so many textures to choose from, e.g emulsion, toner, lotion. So picking and choosing my products for the seasons is really easy! For example, it's very hot here in Perth so I am just using COSRX's Blackhead Power Liquid and a light lotion and my skin is doing great.

Laven from Berries in the Snow

Two main reasons why I think Korean skin care has become so popular all over the world is on the one hand their cute and creative packaging ideas. Just think of a banana scented hand cream in a banana shaped box (Tonymoly) or Disney Princess themed lipstick packaging (Etude House)! There are so many different examples of their attractive packaging designs and not often do we buy it only because of that packaging. The second reason is their good quality and effectiveness at a cheap price. Examples here are the products from Mizon or COSRX. Their packaging design might not be the most spectacular, but their products come packed with beneficial ingredients from hyaluronic acid to BHA/AHAs. Another reason might be the dedication towards a single brand we find in Korean beauty industries. There are stand-alone shops for almost every single skin care brand in Korea. You won't hardly find that in Germany for example. Somehow, this makes me feel as if skin care in general is more important to the Korean population than to many people in Europe.

- Recently Korean skin care is getting so much attention internationally! When I started to get into Korean beauty products I hardly knew anyone who used Korean products. Somehow, I stumbled over a youtube review on BB creams and that made me want to order my first Missha Perfect Cover BB. I was so happy that I found a tinted moisturizer that finally matched my skin tone, and moreover, my skin became much less troubled than it was before. I started out trying a Missha moisturizer (and I loved it) and from there on my curiosity made me buy more products from all the different Korean brands. And the more I knew about the brands and the more I discovered, the more I started to love Korean skin care.

Joan from Kinseng

- I wasn't around for the beginning of the Korean skincare craze. I actually only started using Korean skincare in late 2014, so I'm not completely certain of how it became to be so popular globally... But I can venture a guess. ^^  I think there's a lot that led to the craze but two things specifically...

1. The technology is there and industry professionals worldwide have called it 'ten years ahead' in terms of innovation in ingredients, formula, even packaging.
2. The marketing. K-pop and Korean celebrities also helped to spread awareness about Korean cosmetics, first across Asia and now worldwide. (I mean - the act of ripping into a sheet mask with the face of your favorite Korean actor on it is just too enticing to pass up.)

And lastly - it's super fun! Everyone loves a sheet mask selfie or a cute lip tint or a well-decorated cushion compact. And there's so much variety you can go years without using the same thing twice. :)

- I like the products because they're cost-effective (in general, let's not talk about SU:M37 *drool*) and they're often really fun, but I also think that I am finding the Korean beauty... community to be the most fun part of using Korean cosmetics. I've met so many people who love Korean cosmetics online (on forums, instagram, etc.) that it makes researching, buying, and using Korean skincare products an amazing pastime. I love sharing great finds and learning about what others are using and enjoying as well.

Their answers were actually quite different, right? Which only proves that there are more than one reason why Korean skin care and cosmetics in general are so popular these days.

If we do a short recap and pull everything together we get:

  1. Korean wave - skin care is basically a part of Korean idols job, so they do have dewy, flawless skin and people might assosciate Korean skin care with that.
  2. Cute & creative packaging.
  3. Cost-effectiveness - good quality and effectiveness at a cheap price.
  4. Innovative ingredients & formula.
  5. The marketing - Korean idols endorsing the brands & the amazing stand-alone stores the brands have.
  6. Fun Korean beauty community that makes researching, buying and using Korean skin care products an amazing pastime.

I also found it amusing how COSRX was the only brand mentioned twice - something to consider before buying new products, I guess.

Anyway, that's it for today! I hope you found this post interesting. Don't forget to comment and share your opinion too! :)

What do you think of Korean skin care?
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  1. Hi! Thanks for share!
    I'm from Chile and I use Korean product since September 2015. I've always know about the oriental skin care and how effective it is. Thanks to many of you, who share their experiences I could access it without problems. Now I have a complete skin care routine and my skin is very healthy, soft and bright. My expression wrinkles have decreased!! A only one thing happen in my country, a lot of reseller have so expensive prices,sometimes up to three times the actual value.
    Really thanks for help us to have a marvellous skin!! Regards from Chile =)

    1. Hi Stephany!

      I'm glad to hear Korean skin care has helped to improve your skin! :)

      If the resellers prices are too high maybe you should try ordering products from Korea directly? There are many stores and also sellers on Ebay who ship products directly from South-Korea. :)

    2. Yes!! I've actually purchased In testerkorea, koreadepart, beautynetkorea, stylekorean and wishtrend. I give a try soon jolse, beautykorea, w2beauty and may be Lady fox!! Never more reseller in Chile!! Thank you so much again for share!

  2. Great post! Love it!

    1. Thanks! Im glad to hear you like it! :)

  3. That's a really nice post, Lona. I love how you shared Kim, Laven and Joan (whom I unfortunately don't know)'s experience here to create a solid source of information about Korean cosmetics. It was really interesting to see their opinion. And I hope the Korean beauty craze goes on!


    1. Hi Nawael! I'm very happy you liked this post! :) And I'm pretty sure the Korean beauty craze wont die down anytime soon. :D

  4. It's so interesting to read this. I like using Korean skin care and makeup because it's more affordable than western brand, though sometimes what makes them promising is their own brand ambassador.
    Furthermore, it has cute packaging, also they target Asian skin.

    I have some samples from COSRX but have yet to try it, now I can't wait to open them!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. I'm glad you found this interesting! :) I'm caucasian, however i find the consistency and ingredients of Korean skin care products to be beneficial to me too. I guess some products work better than other, though.

      I've yet to try COSRX myself too :D


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