11 MAC Products You Need to Try (UPDATED!)

Ever felt like you want to try out MAC, but just don't know where to start? As someone who has tried a lot of different MAC products, I feel like I can tell you which is worth trying and which products just aren't as impressive.

Obviously, you can purchase as many MAC products as you want, including lipglasses and colorful eye shadows, but here I tried to cover the ones you should try first when you don't already have a huge MAC collection.

However, please remember that these are just my opinions and you are welcome to agree or disagree. 

1 & 2. Your favourite lipstick color + a matching lip pen. MAC lipsticks are probably the most popular MAC product you need to try first. A matching lip pen will make it last even longer. So this counts as 2 products.

3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. My favourite is "Cheeky Bronze", but I also want to try "Lightscapade". As a side note, I like Mineralize Skinfinishes more than Extra Dimension Skinfinishes. Mineralize Skinfinish lasts you for a while, blends well and gives you a healthy glow while Extra Dimension is pretty much shimmer all over the face type of product. If you like that then you should try it, though.

4. MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow. These are a dream to apply! And I think it's super shimmery formula works better as an eye shadow than a skin finish. You should pick a shade that you can actually use, though. My personal favourite is "Sweet Heat", which works well as a transision color, but also looks great applied all over the lid. It's also a dupe for MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in 'Superb'. 

5. MAC Waterweight Foundation. I love it's watery formula which can be applied easily with a cell puff or a beauty blender. You'll get a beautiful glowy finish and no setting powder is needed. Just apply some contour + your favourite MAC skinfinish and you're good to go. However, if you are looking for a better coverage you might want to try MAC Studio Fix Fluid instead.

6. Any MAC eye shadow you would use DAILY. For example, "Blanc Type" which is probably my second all time favourite MAC eye shadow. It's an amazing under the brow highlighter. Unfortunately, it was out of stock the last time I was at MAC. (This seems to be a common problem here, all good things are always out of stock...)

7. MAC Brow Gelcreme. Since things like Anastasia Beverly Hills aren't available in my country, I consider these the best product for brows. 

8. MAC Fluidlines. If you like gel eye liners then you should try these! They have a great staying power and they don't smudge at all. I once left my makeup bag at my grandparents' house and had to use my sister's makeup. I was horrified how smudgy some eye liners can be! + I could totally tell back then that the things I missed the most were my MAC fluidline + MAC brow gel. 

9. MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Also a very popular MAC product that is worth it's price.

10. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick These might not be for everyone, but I love them.

11. MAC Fix+ While I don't really like using it as a setting spray on my makeup, it's a product makeup artists use for "baking their makeup". So it could be a nice thing to have if you know how to make use out of it.

Products NOT on this list 
(meaning you can easily get a cheaper product that is just as good.)

MAC brushes - good stuff, but I don't think having a full set of MAC brushes would benefit my life (makeup) as much as having all the 10 products listed above. I also think there are many other good companies that make brushes (for example, Real Techniques.)

MAC nail lacquer - I do think they stay on longer than a regular 3€ Maybelline nail polish, but I also think you could get a cheaper nail polish that is pretty much the same.

MAC mascaras - They are good, but you don't need to go out and buy one. Besides, many companies have cheaper mascaras that are just as good.

MAC pencil eye liners - also very good, but not necessarily worth the splurge. Actually same goes for MAC lip liners, but I do think it feels way cooler to apply a MAC lipstick on a MAC lip liner + it's easier to get a matching lip liner while you are already at MAC looking at lipsticks.

MAC false eyelashes - totally too expensive for 1 set of lashes. To this day I think Japanese eye lashes that come in set of 5 (Diamond Lash) are the best. After all Japanese women are very picky about their falsies + gyaru culture made them super popular over there.

MAC lipglass - maybe I'm just not a lipgloss person, but I fail to see why would anyone spend that much on a lipgloss. The only MAC lipglass I have ever loved was 'Nectarsweet' and this was a LE shade. I guess I just happened to like the shade, but overall apart from the vanilla scent and the fact that these have 'MAC' written on them, their lipglasses don't differ from cheaper brands that much.

MAC blushes - so far I haven't been impressed with these at all.

Any BRIGHT MAC eyeshadow - You might feel adventurous and want to try that blue or green shimmering eye shadow, however you should probably buy one from a cheaper brand. The truth is that I have NEVER finished any of my yellow, green or blue MAC eyeshadows and the only ones that I sometimes use apart from neutrals are pinks & violets.

Have you ever tried MAC? Do you agree with this list? Is there something you'd add to it?


  1. Ah you know I love MAC lipsticks they're my favorite! :D I have to try other MAC products. I love the prolongwear concealer also! ~ <3


    1. Yeah, I'm super jealous of your MAC lipstick collection! I know I wouldn't need as many, but still, it's so pretty to look at :D
      I haven't tried their pro longwear concealer, but I might give it a try then!
      Did you get any new ideas what to try next? :)

  2. I hardly own any MAC products, but I do have two brushes (agree with you there, definitely not worth the price) and I do own Cheeky Bronze! You have reminded me to use it again because I do like it- this is what happens when things are stored out of sight. Many years ago I had the studio concealer which was great for covering up bad acne, but I think it would be too heavy for my dry skin now. Really good recommendations btw, now I want to try the waterweight foundation! I'm all for light, breezy base products ^^

    1. You should try it! It's basically like a bb cream with lots of antioxidants & fruit extracts mixed into it. But I think they didn't name it that because "waterweight foundation" sounds much more "MAC". Anyway, they also have a huge color selection which is why this would also be a good choice for you! (Because you said most bb cream are too light for you :D)

  3. Great list, Lona! I'm basically the typical audience for this article as I always thought of shopping MAC products but never knew where to get started! A good friend of mine also swears by their primer and base items, what do you think about them?


    1. Well, I love their foundations. I've also tried a couple of MAC primers, which I liked, but didn't really love. However, this could simply be because I don't really put that much thought into primers.

      But I must confess the whole Prep + Prime line is quite unknown for me which is why I didn't list them here. :D


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