Circle Lens Review: Geo Honey Brown

Last year I received 2 pairs of circle lenses from Pinkicon. They chose the designs for me, which is kind of cool, but inconvenient at the same time. Cool because it's exciting to get a package without knowing what's inside, but inconvenient because I'm actually quite picky when it comes to lenses.

I've tried so many circle lenses since I started this blog, it only makes sense that by now I know which type of lenses look better on me. However, I have no right to complain, since these were sponsored after all. So I'll take this chance and share my honest opinion on them.

Out of these 2 pairs, I've already reviewed Fairy 1 Day Princess GreenI really liked their design, but I was kind of sad they were daily disposable.

The second pair I received is Geo Honey Brown, which were super popular some years ago. Anyone who knows anything about Japanese gyaru fashion would know that these were the ones Tsubasa advertised and wore.

However, they actually have the type of design which I wouldn't pick out for myself, because I already know they won't blend in with my eye color. I actually had the same lenses in gray many years ago. (Totally because of Tsubasa Masuwaka, btw.)

The good thing is that they have a small diameter and a nice brown color, so they look very natural indoors. However, in daylight my real eye color shows in the center of the lenses, so they don't look that good. Somehow I managed to get a great selfie wearing them, though.

So, I guess you could try these if you have brown eyes and are interested in natural looking lenses with a small diameter or if you only wear lenses occasionally/mostly during indoor events. However, I wouldn't recommend purchasing these if you have light eyes and want to wear them daily, because they don't blend into light eye colors.

Geo Honey Brown lenses are currently on sale for $14.40 at Pinkicon!

Have you ever tried these?

This post was sponsored by PinkiconThey provide over 300 different designs of circle lenses and have numerous popular cosmetics in stock. All 100% authentic.
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