Trying Out Popin Cookin DIY Candy Set!

"Popin Cookin" is a range of Japanese do-it-yourself candy making kits. I got one from Japan Candy Box last month, so me, my sister & Travis decided to try it out one day.

Although, I failed to photograph the whole candy making progress and some of these photos have horrible lightning, I figured I should still post them, because it's all for fun anyway.  :) 

Popin Cooking Ice Cream & Cake Shop DIY Candy Set

Basically, you get to make miniature ice creams and cakes with this set. Everything you need is included in the set, except water.

This set includes: 
2 bags of candy ingredients, 1 bag of sprinkles, 2 ice cream cones, 2 waffles, 1 waffle boat, 1 spoon, 1 pastry bag, 1 mold.

Travis was definitely interested because of it's colorful packaging.

You mix the candy ingredients (powder) with water and get a colorful paste which you put into a pastry bag. Then you use that to make the ice creams & cakes. It sounds super easy, but it was actually quite difficult to get the paste into a small pastry bag.

Lastly, you decorate your desserts with sprinkles.

Ta-tah! I think they turned out pretty well. At least they do look like food, right?

However, I must say these actually look better than they taste. They have a sweet but artificial flavor that doesn't really taste like ice cream or any other food in my opinion. They were really fun to make, though, so I'd love to try a different set in the future. :)

If you also want to try one of these candy making kits, make sure to join my Japan Candy Box Giveaway! There's always at least 1 DIY kit included in every box! :)

Or you can purchase them separately from Blippo.


  1. ohh this is sweet =)

  2. Awww your post is so cute and sweet! I've only tried one of those Japan DIY kits because they're so expensive! But popin cookin has always been a cute set <3
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. I'm glad you like the post! I guess it depends where you buy them from - in Japan they're actually really cheap, but Blippo sells them for $9 (or $8,10 if you use a coupon! :D) The price also includes shipping, tho, so it's not thay bad :)

  3. OMG, they are so cute, but so tiny! Shame about the taste though... I thought that they were fake at first (yes, I look at pictures first then read the text, haha), because that is how beautifully you made them!

    1. Aww thanks! They turned out quite well I guess :D And they're definitely edible. Waffles were ok, you know just like regular waffles, haha. But the pink paste had this artificial taste to it. :/

  4. I've heard bad things about the taste of these sort of candy products, but the process looks so fun!

    1. The making procress was definitely the best part of this kit! :D


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