BB Cream For Men: Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream

Bb creams have become very popular all over the world, so it might be interesting to know that there are also bb creams targeted at men. In fact, every major Korean beauty brand has at least one! So, what do they do and are they any different from regular bb creams?

To my surprise, BNT News sent me a men's bb cream this month - it's called Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream and it's manufactured by Hwajin Cosmetics. I was a bit taken aback for a second, because it's "made for men" after all, but I quickly realized that I should seize the opportunity and provide a good overview of this relatively unknown product.

Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream Review

Description: This multi-functional BB cream takes care of the problems on men’s skin with one touch. It expresses natural and healthy skin tone and contains nourishment that firms the skin.

Size: 40g.

Key ingredients: Myrothamnus Flabellifolia Leaf/Stem Extract, Herb Extract, Iceberg Water.

The packaging of this bb cream definitely gives off a masculine feeling. Another difference is that it's considerably darker than any bb cream I own. I swatched it next to MAC NW15 and Klairs BB Cream, which seem to be my trusty swatch buddies right now, but it's also darker than my BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream that comes in one shade.

I thought there would also be a difference in terms of coverage, since I've read that some men's bb creams are more like tinted moisturizers. However, this one actually has a medium coverage and a slightly dewy finish that looks rather natural when blended out, since it's not too matte nor too dewy.

I can't say much about the actual performance of Homme Terrior's bb cream, though, because the shade is way too dark for me to try on face, but it doesn't seem to be very different from a regular natural-looking bb cream. However, I think it's nice that they've targeted it specifically for men so they wouldn't feel left out & maybe even feel more encouraged to try it!

Where to buy?
EDIT (24.05.16): This bb cream can be purchased from Gmarket.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that during my 23 years of life I've only met a couple of guys who have tried a foundation or bb cream. Clearly it's not something men usually do. However, this particular trend does seem to be a bit more popular within the AB community.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Should more men use bb cream?
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me on review purpose by BNT News. Visit their website to be up to date with all the latest Korean entertainment news & trends! 

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