Circle Lens Review: Super Pinky Green

Super Pinky Green

This is my second time trying "Super Pinky" lenses and this time they were provided by Pinky Paradise! As always their lenses came with a cute animal lens case and velcro pads that can be used to hold back your hair.

Although my favourite circle lens colors are brown and gray, I've also begun to like green very much. I guess that's because my eyes have green in the center, so green lenses blend into my natural eye color very well. Better than blue, for example.

Which is why I picked out Super Pinky Green when given the opportunity.

The light green color of these blends well into my eye color. Their pattern is also quite subtle & natural. However, they have a 15mm diameter, so they look huge & it might feel strange to wear them without makeup.

So in my opinion, they are not the best lenses for everyday wear, but definitely worth considering if you are after big green eyes. Even though they are bigger than normal lenses, I haven't experienced any comfort issues wearing them.

Get them here! 

Lastly, if you are planning to order from Pinky Paradise, don't forget to use my coupon code to receive a cute animal lens case and a mystery gift!

I hope you liked this review and I'd love to hear your opinions as well! :)


  1. These lenses are beautiful in your eyes!(⌒.-)=★

  2. wow the green lenses are so pretty, they look good on you ^^ love it

  3. Those lenses look so pretty on you! I want to try some green lenses and the design of these are sooo pretty ♥


  4. This colour is so beautiful and vibrant! And pretty design too.
    They look so so so nice on you, beautiful eyes *o*


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