A Mess-Free Browcara You Need to Try

Let's talk about eyebrows! For the past year or two I've been drawing mine with a brow gelcreme, which I absolutely love, but I guess it's about time to try something different. 

I received Vely Vely's I'm Custom Coloring Browcara from BNT News this month and although browcaras aren't exactly new to me, it has been a while since I last used one. 

  • Description: This eyebrow mascara lets you sweep gorgeous color to fill your brows for a natural look.
  • Size: 6g.
  • Color selection: 3 shades - gold brown, red brown & deep brown.
First of all, you should probably know that I take eyebrows very seriously. To quote this product's description on Vely Vely's homepage "A good pair of eyebrows can make you look prettier instantly without the need for heavier makeup." Any eyebrow product that smudges easily and needs to be reapplied often has no place in my makeup pouch. Luckily, this Vely Vely browcara was not like that! 

It comes in a simple yet tasteful packaging and I love the color combination they have used. The wand of this browcara is somewhat different than a regular one. According to Vely Vely "the shorter side allows subtle touch for fuller coloring and the longer side is for setting the color." I'm still not entirely sure what's the correct way of using it, but it's certainly nice to have two different sides to play around with.

What amazed me the most is that first of all, it was quite hard to swatch. It doesn't apply on skin that easily, which obviously makes it a good mess-free browcara, since you won't get the product all-around your eyebrows. Yet, once you sweep it through your brows a couple of times, it blends out and also fills in the brows. 

It's completely waterproof and since I don't usually remove my brow makeup (don't judge me, I like to wake up with eyebrows, okay?) I still had it on the next day. I love using MAC's brow gelcreme for the same exact reason. And although the application progress of these 2 products is completely different I find that I love using both. A browcara delivers a more natural look, though!

Here's what I used to do my eyebrows with Vely Vely IM Custom Coloring Browcara. Too Cool For School Contouring Palette, a super cheap angled brush from Ebay & of course the browcara from Vely Vely.

I find that you could use the browcara alone too, but I'm kind of obsessed with my eyebrows and want them to look a certain way, so here's what I came up with. The first photo is my eyebrows with matte brown contouring powder and the second photo is contouring powder + browcara. Obviously, I prefer the second version.

Now you just have to use your imagination and think how nice it would look if I also had eyelashes.

Overall, I really liked this browcara. As I already said above the lasting power of this product is also phenomenal, so my only complaint really is that it might be a bit expensive with shipping included.

This Im Custom Coloring Browcara is available at I'm Vely for $19.6
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me on review purpose by BNT News. Visit their website to be up to date with all the latest Korean entertainment news & trends!


  1. This looks so natural as well!
    Kathy x

  2. why is this brand so cute lol! loving their design. the product itself looks reeeally good too and yeah, eyebrow goals giiirl lol xx


    1. I agree, their design is so simple yet cute, I love pastel pink! And thanks, haha, my eyebrows are usually a bit stronger and thicker I think, but a natural version can be nice too :)

  3. It looks really interesting, I didn't know this brand.
    I like it because it has a good pigment but in a natural way.
    I really love the way you makeup your eyebrows ; ; I wish I have them like you!

    1. Vely Vely is really fun and interesting, but they are also quite expensive! :(

      If you want similar eyebrows then you should probably give browcaras a try as well! Although my eyebrows are also very thin and plucked, so when I don't draw them it looks like I don't have brows at all haha. :D


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