Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint - Grapefruit Pudding

This Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint is from one of their limited edition winter collections. However, the good news is, it's still available, if you know where to look!
  • Description: Soft pudding tint that  melts lips with its sweet, soft embrace.
  • Size: 5,5g / 0.19oz
  • Color selection: 5 shades
It comes in a super cute packaging that looks like a cake box. However, for some reason I didn't receive the applicator that is supposed to come with it. The tint itself is very pigmented, so I don't recommend applying it with your fingers. Luckily, I've kept all the spatulas I've received with different face creams, so I was able to use one of these to apply the tint.

"Grapefruit" is a vibrant coral pink shade that comes with a super yummy grapefruit scent. It has a soft gel-like texture and overall really looks like some sort of dessert.

It has a glossy finish that fades off after a while, but the pigment stays on for hours! However, if you've ever tried a lip tint before you should know that pretty much all lip tints work like that. 

For some reason, the consistency of my pudding tint is really thick, but I think it's actually supposed to be more fluid-like. I guess it has something to do with the room temperature, but I'm not 100% sure.

That being said, I find that the thick consistency of mine can look a bit patchy on lips, but overall I like it for it's longwearing finish.

Here's how it looked on me:

Where to buy?
Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tints are available at Two Face Mall for $11.95 each.



  1. I considered getting this, I was just nervous because for some reason my top lip doesn't like to take tint colors.

    It looks really nice on you!

  2. It looks really cute and not too unnatural. If I'm ever going to try a tint, this just claimed a place on my top choices. :)

    1. I'm glad to hear you like it! :) It may not be available for long, tho, since it's limited edition! :/

  3. Nice colour and really cute package, it looks delicious *-*
    You are so so beautiful <3

    1. I agree, it looks super cute! :) And thank you!

  4. The cute packaging alone is enough to make me buy this.

    1. I can definitely understand that haha!


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