Blog Tips: 4 Simple Tricks That Will Help You Get More Traffic From Facebook

Apparently, blog tips is a popular topic for posts these days. However, so far I haven't jumped on that bandwagon, because I believe you should only give out tips on something you've mastered yourself. I do like reading these posts, but until recently, I didn't think I had anything to contribute that would genuinely 100% be written from my own experience.

However, whenever I see bloggers say that Facebook is one of the hardest platforms to get traffic from, I tend to disagree. According to Google Analytics, I get more traffic from Facebook than I do from Pinterest. So you could say that my Facebook Page is performing better than my Pinterest in that criteria.

What is more, promoting your blog on Facebook doesn't really take much time. However, it could expose your posts to a whole new audience, who otherwise wouldn't come across your blog at all. So even if you get around 100 clicks from Facebook, you still shouldn't ditch it completely.

How does Facebook decide whether your content is worth displaying on user's News Feed?

When you write a post that you like and want to share it with the world, it wouldn't hurt to learn a bit about Facebook and it's algorithms.

First of all, Facebook usually shows your content to people who have previously engaged with it.

However, it might be interesting to know that Facebook will continue to display your content if people who first saw it engage with it. (For example, like that post.) Which brings me to my first tip - create some engagement.

Ask your friends to like your posts. 

This might seem like a petty thing to do, but then again, if they are your friends, it shouldn't be hard for them to support you with 1 like. Besides, it's really not about the like itself, but the exposure it will help you gain. You could explain them the algorithm too. Once they have liked your post, new ones will likely show up on their feed, so hopefully they will like these too.

Join blogger groups. 

Bloggers often form Facebook support groups to engage with each other's posts for that same exact reason. To support each other and ultimately help to display their content to a wider audience.

Here's an example how likes help to boost your reach.

Whereas the posts with comments reach the most people, I don't really believe in asking for comments. People should only comment if they have something to say, not be forced to do so. Blogger groups are also more about asking for engagement, not telling each other to go and comment a post.

Allow 'Audience Optimization for Posts'.

You can also use Audience Optimization to target the audience that is more likely to engage with your content, thus make Facebook display it more. There's a detailed post about this feature on Lady Writes, so I won't be rewriting an already well-written post.

Get more page likes.

Lastly, you need someone to actually like your page in order to gain traffic through it. In my opinion, the best way to gain new likes, is to host a giveaway. I usually use Rafflecopter to host giveaways on my blog and give people the option to enter by liking my facebook page. However, make sure the prize is something that suits the overall theme of your blog. That way people who join in and like your page, will also be interested in your content.

And that's it - just 4 easy steps that will help you, whether you share your post links only or a variety of different content. Although, it is said that the latter would be better, I find that it's hard enough to keep up with social media as it is.

Hopefully this post has given you some new insights on how to improve the reach of your Facebook posts. If you have any additional tips, feel free to share!



  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing! :)

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  2. Thank you Lona, for these tips! Imma try some of them to get my page working!


    1. You're welcome, Nawael! I'll go like your page if I haven't already! :)


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