Circle Lens Review: Vassen Naomi/Glossy 3 Tone Blue

I don't normally wear blue circle lenses, because I often find them to be too bright, and the only type of blue I like on me, is dark blue. Which brings me to my today's review on Vassen Naomi Blue.

These looked like the color wouldn't be too bright and I've previously reviewed Vassen Naomi Gray, so I thought it would be interesting to see how Naomi Blue looks for comparison.

PS! This is probably the most belated review in the history of all belated reviews ever published on this blog. It seems that I've really grown bored of reviewing lenses, but at the same time, I like how far I have gotten with my circle lens directory, so I decided to pull myself together and finally edit the photos I took long time ago.

Vassen Naomi Blue
(also known as Vassen Glossy 3 Tone Blue)

As I already said, I don't usually like blue lenses that much, but I must say these are pretty nice! The pattern on them creates an interesting texture and the color isn't too bright, which is good as far as my preference goes. The blending could be a bit better, though, and I personally don't really like how big they look, but they're definitely not the worst lenses I've tried either!

Lastly, to make this review a bit more helpful, here are my 3 favourite circle lenses I've tried so far: Geo Holicat Funky BlueGeo Holicat Barbie Hazel Geo Eyescream RayRay Gray. All different colors (but all Geo lenses) that I've loved a lot! Holicat lenses are monthly disposable, though, so the title of my favourite lenses goes to Geo Eyescream RayRay Gray.

Disclosure: These lenses were sponsored by LoveShoppingholics. Normally, I would provide links to my sponsor and the lenses throughout the review, however this time I'm not sure if I should do that. They have been my sponsors for the longest time, but their store seems te be very unactive now - their last Facebook update was over a year ago and when I sent them an e-mail they never replied me either.


  1. These look super beautiful on you! I think you're really pretty, too *^* I also really love your make-up. I've never tried blue lenses before, only gray with a little speck of blue, but I would like to try! ^^

    memoleaf - blog

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Olivia! :) My makeup is really quite simple, but I do think the golden eyeshadow complements my blue lenses well! (If I may say so myself, haha. :D)

      Blue lenses aren't really that exciting for me, because my own eyes are blue too, but you should totally give them a try at least once! :)

  2. These really match your eyes!
    I have the brown one and it give me dolly-look ^^

  3. I'm forever jealous of your natural eye colour because they blend in so well with circle lenses, mine are so dark that I have so much trouble finding ones that actually look nice on my eyes >.< What lashes do you use btw - they're so niceeeee~

    1. Really? I always think dark eyes would blend in so much better! :D I got my lashes from Ebay here. I'm wearing two sets on these photos, though!


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