The Face Shop The Therapy Moisture Blending Formula Cream: A Refreshing Face Cream For Hot Summer Days

In the heat of summer, applying face cream might seem like the last thing you want to do. However, an intense moisturizer is not something you necessarily need to ditch during warmer months. There are plenty of  hydrating creams out there that work well in the heat!

For example, The Face Shop The Therapy Moisture Blending Formula Cream - a face cream in a beautiful light blue jar that feels refreshing to apply and provides intense hydration at the same time.

It's also the second new product in The Therapy line that The Face Shop released this spring. I've already reviewed The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum for you and now I'm ready to share my thoughts on their blending cream too.

The Face Shop The Therapy Moisture Blending Formula Cream Review

Description: This luxurious, anti-aging, intense moisturizing cream contains a blend of French sea water and natural essential oils. This unique cream has two layers: it's top layer is formulated with lightweight essential oils, while the bottom layer is an intense moisturizing cream.

Volume: 50ml.

How to use: Mix the two layers before you use the cream for the first time. Apply the product onto your cheeks, chin and forehead in the morning and at night after using the serum.

Ingredients: Water, Propanediol, Betaine, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Dimethicone, 1,2-Hexanediol, Isopropyl Isostearate, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Cetearyl Olivate, Sea Water, Hydrolyzed Algin, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Cymbopogon Martini Oil, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil, Honey Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Meal Extract, Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract, Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract, Sorbitan Olivate, Cyclohexasiloxane, Hydrogenerated Vegetable Oil, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Trehalose, Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Panthenol, Bis-Peg-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenerated Castor Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Hydrogenerated Lecithin, Stearic Acid, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethiconol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Polyacrylate, Adenosine, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Hydroxide, Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract, Melia Azadirachta Flower Extract, Diethylhexyl Syringylidenamalonate, Coccinia Indica Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract, Solanum Melongena (Eggplant) Fruit Extract, Corallina Officinals Extract, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract, Sucrose, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance. (View on CosDNA).

The ingredient list is pretty long, but I guess it makes sense, since the cream consists of two layers, which need to be formulated differently. The key ingredients are still the same as the ones found in The Therapy First Serum, but truth be told, I'd like to see them a bit higher on the ingredient list. (If you're going to put sea water in your product, why not make it the first ingredient in there?)

Unfortunately, the long ingredient list also comes with more possibly comedogenic ingredients. None of them are very high on the ingredient list and face creams in general tend to have a few comedogenic ingredients in them, so this is nothing new, but I've found that the key is not to over-apply this product. As the saying goes: "too much of a good thing can be bad for you". 

Here's what you see when you first open your TFS Moisture Blending Cream. It comes with a spatula, which is nice. Although, I already have a few, I tend to break or lose them, so it's always good to get an extra one.

The gel is actually transparent, but somehow the packaging makes it look blue! 


The consistency of this cream is lovely. The mixture of gel and cream feels incredibly smooth and silky on skin without being too oily or heavy. It also hydrates my skin well and delivers a refreshing sensation after application.

It leaves a light sheen on skin, but works well under makeup and also gives my skin a beautiful glow if used during nightime/without makeup. The fragrance is rather nice too. It's similar to The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum, but doesn't have a hint of alcohol to it.

However, I find that the actual anti-aging benefits of this cream are rather questionable. It does pulmp my skin temporarily and also gives it a more youthful look, but considering the ingredients, you shouldn't expect significant anti-aging effects from this cream.


The Face Shop The Therapy Moisture Blending Formula Cream is a well-formulated moisturizer that is especially suitable for summer, but not an anti-wrinkle miracle product!

The good: hydrating, feels pleasant on skin, possible anti-aging benefits.

The bad: a few comedogenic ingredients, may not suit everyone.

What's your go-to face cream for summer?

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  1. This sounds like such a great moisturizer! The fact that it is dual layered is a neat touch as well. As my skin is quite "normal" shall we say, I don't find myself using or buying luxury brands all that often. For now, I'll stick to Yes To!

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Follow me via BLOGLOVIN

    1. The Face Shop is not typically classified as a luxury brand, but I think their "The Therapy" line does have a bit higher price point!

      Is "Yes To" a skin care brand? I've actually never heard of them before, but I'll have a look.

  2. Oooh that's so cool that it comes in two layers. I love that it came with a spatula! I typically horde the sample ones from sephora lol. Thanks for the thorough review :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. It's definitely quite unique! :) And gotta love the extra spatula haha! :D I think Korean face creams often come with spatulas because I already have quite many!

  3. It's so weird because The Face Shop totally has a redesign/rebrand as well so I am digging this new packaging... I was in Seoul last week and saw it all around! This whole water-based moisturiser is super big atm it seems, I picked some up from Skin Food and Nature Republic too, looking forward to using it for the humid (if ever here lol) summer~ this is some fancy packaging yo

    Cherie | sinonym

  4. I recently learnt about comedogenic ingredients in a recent book I read - I had no idea that there were actual ingredients that were more likely to block my pores! As I do get a fair amount of blackheads and spots, this probably wouldn't be the best cream for me, although it does sound interesting!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Next time check cosDNA if you want to know whether there are comedogenic ingredients in a product! :)


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