NutriPlan 7-Day Morning & Bedtime Detox Tea

Although I love tea, I've always been a bit way of teatoxes. I've read some horrible things about them not being healthy at all. However, I've now realized that not all detox teas are the same. It's actually pretty similar to skin care - you need to analyze the ingredients!

What I like about NutriPlan teatox is that it's made out of 17 highly nutritious natural herbs that will help you stop feeling bloated, feel refreshed and awake, reduce sugar and carb cravings and boost your immune-system.

The main ingredient of this tea is yerba mate, which is a herb known for it's craving killing properties. Other ingredients of this teatox include chamomilla, raspberries, hibiscus, blueberries, etc. (For more information click here.)

Anyways, I don't really need to lose any weight, because I am super thin already, but I do like the idea of drinking cleansing tea instead of coffee in the morning. Although, I am a caffeine addict, who will usually get a headache without coffee, I felt very awake and energised after drinking NutriPlan Morning Teatox. I did some research and found that yerba mate also contains caffeine, so maybe that's why.

The taste of these detox teas is also very pleasant. They have a sweet and fruity flavour, which is great since you are supposed to drink them without adding any sugar.

To be honest, I didn't really weight myself or diet during the 7 day period, but I do believe this set could help you lose some weight and feel healthier overall. What is more, they are probably great for keeping you motivated and on track with your diet.

Therefore, if you're thinking of trying out a healthy detox tea, definitely consider giving NutriPlan teas a go. You can order a 7 day supply of their Morning & Bedtime Detox Tea for £8.99 here.

Lastly, don't forget to share your thoughts on detox teas! Have you tried any? Which one was your favourite?

Disclosure: this product was sent to me on review purpose. All thoughts are my own and were not influenced by the company or free product provided.

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