Make Your Fear Of Color A Thing Of The Past With These Simple Tips

Make Your Fear Of Color A Thing Of The Past With These Simple Tips

It's safe to say that a lot of us are lacking color in our closets. The monochrome trend has been going strong for a while now and I myself am also someone who mostly wears black and white all the time. Sometimes it's simply easier to stick with neutral colors: everything matches and you don't need to worry about the colors clashing. However, what to do if you're sick of wearing only neutrals, but don't want to embrace the rainbow just yet? Thankfully, there are a couple of clever and subtle ways you can add color to your look without going overboard!

Statement Piece

The term 'statement piece' is quite a loose one as it can refer to pretty much anything you like. Bags, shoes and necklaces can all be statement pieces - it just depends on your personal preference. For example, try adding a bright orange bag to an otherwise gray outfit. Or wear some bright blue jewelry against your typical black and white ensemble to brighten up your look. In my case, I like to wear a burgundy beanie, which is not the brightest color there is, but hey, it's a color alright. :)

Hermes handbag


If adding color to your actual outfit isn't your thing, don't worry. It can be scary heading for color when you've been used to wearing blacks and whites for so many years. Plus, many people are reluctant to spend money on colorful clothes, because they will likely never get any wear out of them. If this sounds like you, then why not add color to your closet with just a few simple accessories. This could be a clip-on pom-pom for your handbag, a bold headband or even a jazzy phone case. Get imaginative and you will find color in items you never previously thought about!


We often think of our clothes and hair separately, when in fact, you could easily argue that they are pretty much the same. After all, we wear our hair every day, so you could say that it is our most used outfit. Therefore, why not use it as a tool to inject more color into your life? If dyeing your natural hair seems like a bit of a step too far, getting some real hair extensions is the next best thing. Pick a set that has a pre-dyed ombre, or, as long as the hair is real hair, dye them yourself to the color of your choice. Simply clip them in you hair and you're good to go!


We are usually told that our makeup needs to be subtle - conservative even. There are a lot of negative connotations that can come with wearing flashy makeup, so a lot of women tend to avoid this style. However, if you're feeling confident, why not add a bit of color to your face? Colorful eyeshadows, once a trend of the 90s, are well and truly back now. Experiment with a beautiful glitter palette to draw attention to your eyes, or alternatively, go for a bold lip. There are plenty of affordable, quality products on the market these days - and if you're not sure how to apply them, there's bound to be an online tutorial showing you how. 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.


  1. The only colour I ever wear is neutrals so this was so a motivating post for me. I've wanted to purchase
    a good quality statement bag for ages now but every time I go into buy a new bag I'll go with a neutral!
    Kathy x

    1. That's good to hear! I hope you will get your statement bag soon! :)


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