Want To Run A Luxury Lifestyle Blog? Don't Miss These Crucial Steps!

Luxury lifestyle blogs are definitely very popular right now. As humans, we naturally feel curious about other people's lifestyle, therefore reading these blogs in an effort to add a little bit of sparkle into our own lives is a popular pastime for many of us.

If you are currently a proud owner of a blog, but want it to start to go down a more 'luxe' angle, there are some things you'll need to do.

Up your photography game

Your old digital camera or your iPhone may have been sufficient for taking photos up to this point. However, you are going to have to bid it a fond farewell as you embark onto bigger and better things. Of course, the photo quality of the latest smartphones is really remarkable and it's perfect for shots when you are on-the-go. But if you want to be able to take stunning, high-resolution pictures for your blog, you may need to invest in a professional camera. Having grainy, blurred photos on your blog simply doesn't give off the impression that your blog is professional.

If you are hoping to make your blog into a full-time career, it's essential that everything is as perfect as it can be. An average blog reader is more likely to return to your page if your images are aesthetically pleasing, so you might want to take a beginner photography course too. In terms of equipment, you will need a few basics. A DSLR is the go-to type of camera for professional looking photography and many of them are relatively easy to use. You may also benefit from having a handful of different lenses and a tripod.

Choose the right color scheme

Try looking at your blog with a fresh eye or ask a trusted friend to take an impartial look and tell you what they think. Colors are very closely linked to human emotions, so the overall appearance of your blog might be more important than you think. Dark and dull colors may make your online space seem exactly that: dull and dark. Or, sometimes, your color scheme may make it difficult for your readers to actually read what you have written. For example, pale pink on a bright turquoise background just doesn't show up very well and can look garish and cheap.

Looking at other typical 'luxury' things such as interior or fashion can help you choose how to design your blog too. Take into account the color schemes: more often than not, they will be neutral, classy and timeless. If you love a particular color and really want to incorporate it into your blog, by all means, do so. However, for a more luxurious take, I recommend to use it as an accent color rather than being the focus of your design.

Blog about relevant products

We all know that as a blogger, you often receive press samples to review or have an item pitched to you by a company. This is definitely one of the perks of working hard on your blog, however it doesn't mean you have to accept everything that is offered to you. Take a second to sit back and think whether the product you are looking at is actually relevant to your blog and the impression you want to give out. It doesn't mean that the product is bad, it just may not be right for you and your blog. After all, a low-range product on a luxury site just doesn't look right and it may not benefit the brand either. There's no harm in being picky about what you choose to review - just remember to be tactful about it.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


  1. Currently, I'm too poor to run a luxury lifestyle blog lol. Maybe in the future though. Thanks for the tips! x


    1. Most of these tips apply to regular lifestyle blogs too though! :)


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