Fun Business Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wanted to create your own business? Well, it's a lot easier now than it once was. Here are some fun ideas you might want to consider!

1. Beauty 

If you're a makeup lover and feel like you have something new to add to the world of cosmetics, then this is the direction to go. Manufacturing cosmetics can be quite tricky, so you might want to find a company who can do it for you. However, always make sure that you are on the same page with the company, otherwise your products may not turn out as you imagined. Have a vision in mind before you do anything. Do you want to produce a whole range of cosmetics? Or do you want to focus on lashes or lipsticks only?

2. Fashion

Do you have a passion for fashion? If you do, why not try your hand at fashion design? Grab some paper and a bunch of coloured crayons and get sketching any ideas that come to mind. You can even take it one step further and buy your own materials and try making the outfit yourself! If this is a bit too hard for you, get in contact with a seamstress. Work together and see if your vision can come to life. If it does, you should consider becoming business partners!

3. Jewellery

Are you collecting necklaces, earrings and rings? Why not make some on your own? You can start with simple bracelets and charms and try more intricate designs once you find it's something that you enjoy. You can use materials like silver and gold or even pretty crystals and stones. However, you will need the right tools for this. Having said that - you don't have to be an expert as long as you learn some tricks, you can make whatever you want!

4. Shoes

Can you imagine walking into somewhere fancy wearing a pair of gorgeous shoes that you designed? Similarly to fashion designing, sketch your idea and find someone who can make that drawing come to life! You could also play around with the shoes you already have - add some straps or glitter to your stilettos or even diamante gems! Personalize your footwear and wear them outside!

5. Breeder

If you like animals, why not become a breeder? If you want to breed a certain race of cat or dog, get yourself a male and a female (make sure they're both healthy and have no diseases.) Although remember that while having a bunch of kittens or puppies sounds way too cute to handle, it's not all fun and games. It will cost you a lot, starting from their food to paying for their vet check-ups.

Professional breeders make sure both parents also get regular vet check-ups and usually only sell their kittens once they have gotten all of their vaccinations and have been neutered or spayed. That all costs money, so look into how much money you will need before you get into this business. (Remember, breeding isn't a huge 'profit' making business, so don't expect to get rich!) However, if you do decide it is the right path for you - it can be an incredibly rewarding career.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


  1. Cute post! Love the idea of making jewellery.

  2. I love the idea of manufaturing your own cosmetics hehe


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