What's Personal Branding And How Do You Do It?

Nowadays, information is everything. For most people, whether you’re starting a business or going to a job interview, it’s all too easy for your reputation to precede you. Social media and the internet at large have made that more possible than ever. But that reputation isn’t out of your control. With a personal branding plan you hold all the cards.

What’s it all about? 

When you hear the word "branding", you probably think of promotion. However, personal branding isn’t just self-promotion. It offers so much more than that. It gives you the chance to express and market yourself, without having to pretend to be someone else. It can help you find your true self through communication and build real credibility that shows you can be trusted. It’s like a long resume that tells people about both your professional and public life.

Be confident 

Although developing your personal brand helps you gain confidence, you have to muster up enough courage to take those first steps yourself. You have to be confident in your knowledge and your area of expertise. You also have to look confident when appearing in public and speaking face-to-face with people, so feeling confident in your appearance is important as well.

Start a blog 

One of the best ways to find your voice and show your enthusiasm for your passion is starting a blog. However, you need to really commit to what you are doing in order to find success with your blog, which means you absolutely have to write about the things that drive you. You also need to think of it like a mix between business and community. This means reaching out and communicating with your niche audience and other bloggers who share your interest.

Shake some hands 

Blogging isn’t the only way you can reach out to people, you have to be a bit more serious about networking overall. This means finding and attending business events as well as joining industry groups through networks like LinkedIn. Simply being an expert isn’t enough, people need to know that you’re an expert.

Find plenty of speaking opportunities 

One of the best ways to let them know is to start talking about what you do. Whether it’s delivering results from studies and trends in the industry to offering educational talks for newbies to the business. You should be trying to find offline speaking opportunities as well as the chance to appear in or even host your own webinars. For those who don’t yet have the belief in their public speaking abilities, groups like Toastmasters can be a perfect place to learn and practice.

Personal branding is fast becoming necessary for every individual who wants to truly be a professional. Online and offline, you need to build it not only for it's promotional aspect but so you can be free to be yourself no matter what you pursue.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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