How to Deal With a Huge Weight Loss

If you have recently gone through a huge transformation in terms of your weight, you probably need some time to get used to your new body. First things first, congratulations! It takes a lot of determination, time and effort to lose weight, especially if you have struggled with being overweight for many years previously. You may struggle with what to do when it comes to your new 'slim identity' - once you've been out and bought an entirely new closet, that is! However the truth is, losing weight was the easy part. It's keeping it off that is the real challenge. Here are some sure fire ways you can make sure you keep up the good work and don't fall back into bad habits.

Be prepared to flaunt it 

We all know the saying 'if you've got it, flaunt it'. While many overweight people feel too self conscious about their bodies to show them off in any way, you should feel willing to strut your stuff after your have undergone such a major transformation. But the truth is, many people who lose a lot of weight often continue to feel self-conscious, but for different reasons than before. Rapid weight loss can result in stretch marks and also in some occasions, excess skin. The latter is one reason behind why many people who have lost a lot of weight continue to wear baggy clothes that hide their frames. If you are suffering from this as someone who has dropped a few dress sizes, it might be worth visiting a site such as where you can learn about the various surgical procedures that are available to you. After all the hard work you put in to lose the weight, you should be able to walk tall and proud in whatever clothes you like, after all!

Remember why you started

We all have those days of weakness where we just can't say no to that takeout pizza or where we just want to curl up on the sofa with a romantic comedy and a tub of ice cream. While there is nothing wrong with indulging the odd treat every now and then, remember that if you are not careful it could easily become a habit once again. Keep an old picture of yourself before you lost the weight somewhere in your flat or in your purse and use it as a deterrent for whenever you are tempted to fall off the wagon.

Help a friend out 

One great way to ensure that you stay on top of your health and fitness game is by offering to help a friend to lose weight too. Maybe they are in a similar position to how you were before you started your journey, and you want to help them achieve their goals too. Going to the gym and eating well alongside someone else will also keep you motivated too, as you will need to practice what you preach!

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