What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Southern-Europe: Clothes

juuli 30, 2017

What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Europe

Southern Europe is a great destination for a quick end-of-summer getaway. There’s so much to see on the continent and the weather is still warm even in September. Why not cash in on the little time you have left and extend your summer a bit? And don't forget to bring your cutest summer dresses, sandals, rompers and sunglasses! The question is - how many should you pack?

6 Things to Do in Milan

juuli 05, 2017

7 Things to do in Milan

Last month I spent 4 days in Milan with 2 of my best friends. Our trip was totally unplanned, so we ended up exploring lots of places tourists don't usually visit. In fact, the only thing we had planned, was visiting I-days Music Festival in Monza when Bastille, Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber went on stage. (Which is pretty much why we went to Milan in the first place.)