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oktoober 26, 2019

Party season will be upon us soon and that means a lot of outfit planning and possibly spending more money on your outfits than you would like to! Nobody likes to be an outfit repeater and while I do wear the same set of comfy clothes way more than once or twice (more like 7 days a week haha), it's a whole another story when it comes to fancy christmas and NYE parties. You do not want to go with a dress you have already worn or even worse attend two parties same week with the same dress - eek. 

With all that being said, don't worry, you do not have to be a millionaire to afford all these different looks. Let me show you all the cute stuff I got from Femme Luxe recently! Most of these will be perfect for semi-formal and formal outings. And yes, they are all super affordable!

Let's start with bodysuits! This Dusky Pink Satin Underwire Bodysuit was only 9,95€! You can either pair it with jeans for a more casual outing or go with a pencil skirt or maybe even a fun tulle skirt for a more formal look? I think that would actually be so cool! It is also available in other colors such as hot pink, black and lilac. I liked this light almost pastel pink the best, though. So cute!

Anyway, moving on. I have another bodysuit to show you - Black Mesh Frill V Neckline Bodysuit. It is quite revealing, but hey, you gotta take advantage of what you've got while you're still young, right?! It cost only 15.95€. The color black is currently out of stock, but it might be back soon. You can still get it in neon colors such as orange, lime and pink!

This bodysuit works well for all kinds of occasions too. Maybe not something you are going to attend with your parents, haha, but anything else you want to look sexy for! It can also be paired with a variety of clothes. I paired it with high waisted skinny blue jeans and nude pencil skirt.

Okay, I love all kinds of bodysuits, but I definitely need at least one nice dress for party season as well, so I got myself this White Strapless Ruched Midi Dress. This one is 22.95€ and is also available in neon orange. Not gonna lie, white is pretty scary to wear, but I think it looks good, so I'm gonna make an effort and try not to ruin it.

Lastly, this one is not for parties, but you gotta wear something in between too, right? I've been wanting to add more army green to my wardrobe lately, I guess it's a fall thing, haha. Anyway, this Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set is so comfy, cute and not to mention affordable as well! You get 2 pieces of clothing that you can also mix and match with your other clothes for only 23,95€! You can also get this set in black, camel, grey or white, but khaki is definitely the cutest, at least that's what I think... Not gonna lie, I am tempted to get this set in other colors too, though.

Anyway, there seems to be a sale going on at their website right now, so I apologize if you read this post later and some of the prices aren't the same anymore. 


The shipping was actually quite quick, so you don't have to worry about ordering all of your outfits right away as there is still time! Since I live in Estonia, my order arrived in a week, give or take a couple of days. I don't really remember the time that well, but it was pretty quick and definitely a lot quicker than ordering from China based retailers. 

What else to look for?

Femme Luxe also has many co ords on their website including going out co-ords, which are perfect for all party season festivities. Their mesh dresses are great too if you want to make sure you look sexy. Of course, you can't go wrong with lace bodysuits either. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from, you can wear a different bodysuit every day of December if you'd like to! Oh, and I also love white corset dresses because they make me look more tanned! :)

What kind of clothes do you like to wear to parties or in general? Which one of my picks is your favourite?

*This post was published in collaboration with Femme Luxe.

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