Haul: My picks from Femme Luxe*

detsember 20, 2019

I’ve been blogging for years, but I still get very excited whenever a brand wants to work with me. One of the brands I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with is Femme Luxe. I love the overall style of their clothing. They have a lot of stylish and affordable stuff. To be fair, most of it is very basic instagram baddie fashion, but that is exactly what I'm into these days. So picking out items from their store is pretty much just choosing products I would like to buy for myself anyway.

With that being said, I'm happy to show you another haul from Femme Luxe. You can see my previous haul from their store here.

Midi dress

First up is the Camel Slinky Ruched Thin Strap Midi Dress. I must say I love the details of this dress and how it makes me look. So chic, elegant and sexy at the same time. You can also get this dress in black and rust, which look fabulous as well.

Femme Luxe is known for their amazing dress selection and this is now my second party dress from them. Quality wise it's pretty good. The fabric feels great, however it is a bit sheer, so it might not work very well with a bra underneath.

Cute co-ord

Next is Pink Bardot Elasticated Crop Top & Cycling Shorts Co-ord. Obviously I had to get another co-ord set this time too. I just love matching loungewear sets like this. They are comfy and make outfit planning so much easier. However, I have to say, this one doesn't look exactly like it does on the store photos. The color looks less bright in real life. I don't mind since I like mauve and dusty rose colors too, but if you want a bright pink color you might be a bit disappointed. Anyway, I'm still very happy with this set, but I definitely noticed a little difference. You can get the same set in black and white too.

Neutral coat

I couldn’t not pick this coat to add to my collection! As soon as I saw the Camel Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat, I knew I had to have it. It's actually more of a fall/spring coat, though, because it's not very warm, but you can always try pairing it with warm knitwear and winter accessories. 

The color I got is actually out of stock at the moment, but the same style is available in an array of colors such as beige, mustard, navy, off white, red and charcoal. I must say camel is definitely the best choice out of them, but I also kinda like how the mustard one looks. It would be nice for spring maybe!

Lace bodysuit

Last, but not least, I chose the Black Floral Lace Bodysuit, because I wanted to get something that is a bit more wild and sexy too. However, I ended up wearing it with a bra underneath, because i would have felt very very naked if I didn't. So maybe it is a bit too revealing even for me. I really do like the style and the lace, but it is quite see-through, so you have to be careful not to show your nipples to everyone haha. The bra didn't really bother me that much, though. Or what do you think? Did I pull it off or not? 

Bodysuits like this are still very popular, so you can obviously get it in many different shades. There is also orange, white, neon lime and even neon coral too choose from!


As you can see I definitely tend to go for neutral tones a lot lately. I mostly wear black, white, camel, pink or army green these days. That might change once the summer comes, though.

In conclusion I'm happy with everything I got and I can't even decide which one if my favourite. I've been wearing the pink co-ord the most, though, but that's just because it's the comfiest set to wear at home.

Looking at Femme Luxe there is definitely a lot more I still want to try too. Next time I might try out some of their jeans, tops and sparkly dresses.

What’s your favourite look out of the four?

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