Femme Luxe haul #4*

aprill 18, 2020

*Ad Gifted Products

Time for another Femme Luxe haul! I know it’s a stressful and uncertain time right now, but I want to keep my blog a positive distraction and hopefully a place you can find some outfit inspiration for the future. 

My country has been in lockdown for a month already and there isn't much left to do around the house, so at least I can take photos and blog while I'm still social distancing. I've been trying to utilize this time the best I can and not give up on myself. I actually did feel a bit down for a while and didn't feel like doing anything when this all started, but I find that it helps when you take care of yourself and do the things you would normally do to feel better. 

Go for a walk, go for a jog, do a home work out, pamper yourself, cook some delicious food, get creative, write, read, learn a new language, keep in contact with your loved ones & friends, watch stuff on Netflix, get dressed up and put on your makeup.

I've been applying self-tan regularly like I always do, even though I don't actually have anywhere to go, but at least it makes me feel better about myself and the situation, so why not, right? I should be grateful that I am able to stay at home and apply self tan while others may not be so fortunate.

So, I hope you guys are all well & keeping safe too! I actually received these clothes before the lockdown started, but as I said I wasn't feeling very productive at first, so at least I'm doing better now. 

The first item I got was this black mesh top. Tops like this seem to very popular right now, so obviously I had to try it out. It is see-through, so it has to be worn with a bra or top underneath. I paired mine with my black lace bodysuit, which I had gotten from Femme Luxe previously. I think it's cute, but the bow needs adjusting a lot. 

The second piece of clothing I got was this black mini dress. I like it a lot. It's simple and cute. One can never go wrong with a little black dress, right? There's also a similar dress available in rose pink, which is another color I really like. 

Nude Cropped Cycling Shorts Strappy Top Co-ord

I also got a cute co-ord set that is comfy and cozy, but also sassy and sexy at the same time! By the way, this has to be one of my favourite sets so far. While we are in lockdown, it is ideal to wear indoors. 

By the way, this set is available in other colors too such as white, grey and black. I actually kinda like the black version.

Dark Wash Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans - out of stock

Last but certainly not least, a pair of skinny jeans. This is my second pair of jeans from Femme Luxe and I actually like these a lot! They are very stretchy and comfortable to wear. For this photo I paired my jeans with the top from my new co-ord, which I showed you above.

Unfortunately these jeans are out of stock right now, but you should still check out other jeans and trousers available at Femme Luxe, maybe there's something else you like!

Anyway, if you’re looking for cute clothes to wear, then Femme Luxe is the perfect place to shop. They offer dresses, jackets, trousers, tops, loungewear sets and more.

I know we can't really wear party clothes right now, but I would love to get myself a corset dress next, to wear once we are allowed to go out again.

Lastly, I also want to add that I honestly prefer Femme Luxe to other similar stores, because their items aren't overpriced. Although this post is sponsored, I actually ordered some shoes from them with my own money too. I took these photos before my shoes arrived, so you'll probably see them the next time!

Anyway, that's it for today. Let me know which outfit was your favourite!

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