Femme Luxe haul #5*

juuli 15, 2020

*Ad/Gifted Products

Life is pretty much back to normal here in Estonia, which means we finally have a reason to dress up and go out after being in lockdown for two whole months. It felt a bit strange at first, like we actually have places to go to again, but I'm happy I finally got to wear some of the newest pieces I got from Femme Luxe.

If you have been following this blog, you probably already know that it's one of my favorite online stores to shop at. They have affordable prices and a great selection of fashionable items. I tried to choose a variety of different clothing pieces to try, so I got myself 2 dresses, a pair of trousers and a 2-piece loungewear set. 

The weather has been nice and warm lately too, so I could actually wear my new outfits outside for once. Thank god, because I was getting really bored of taking all my photos indoors. 

The first thing that caught my eye on Femme Luxe's website was this beautiful black satin dress. I love anything satin as it instantly makes everything look a little bit more glam in my opinion. It's the perfect dress to wear if you are going somewhere fancy, but don't actually want to spend a lot on your outfit. 

By the way, Femme Luxe also sells this dress in various other colors such as red, rust, sage and even leopard print

Second thing I got was this pair of cargo trousers. Oh my gosh, I love wearing these! I don't think I have ever owned cargo trousers before, but they are so comfy and I really like the color as well. I definitely recommend buying these if you're into cargo trousers. If khaki is not your color, they are also available in black, camouflage, grey camo, stone, charcoal camo and beige camo. The best thing is that you can easily pair any of these with tops or T shirts from Femme Luxe for a cute and casual look.

By the way, the faux fur sliders I am wearing on the photo above are also from Femme Luxe. :)

I already have a similar set in khaki, so I decided to try camel this time. My new set has a different neckline, though, so it's not exactly identical. I love how it's super casual and comfy, but not actually boring. This style is also available in khaki, grey, black and sage, so if you like the design, you might want to check out these colors too. 

Lastly, we have this pink glitter dress, which has to be my favorite item out of them all. I love how extra it is. It's definitely very different from what I usually wear, but I think that's a good thing. I paired it with clear nude heels that are also from Femme Luxe. By the way, this dress also comes in black, which looks super nice too!

Overall thoughts

I've been shopping at Femme Luxe for months now and I love how they always update their webstore to keep up with the newest trends. They are currently selling a lot of different loungewear sets and joggers, which is understandable considering the current situation in the world, but they keep it interesting with new trends such as tie-dye print and butterflies. I also saw the color sage everywhere, so I guess it must be a new trend too. It's pretty cute! You can also purchase stylish washable face masks from them, which is great if you need affordable reusable masks.

PS. If you're from UK, Femme Luxe currently offers free next day delivery on orders over £25.00, so now is the perfect time to add some beautiful new bits to your wardrobe. 

Being from Estonia myself the package usually arrives here in a week, which is pretty much the standard delivery time from UK. With that in mind, I'm sure I'll be ordering from them again in the future. If you consider the quality and price ratio, it's definitely good, better than what a lot of other online stores offer. Plus they also have an app you can download that makes shopping even easier!

Which one on these was your favourite? Let me know!