6 Things to Do in Milan

7 Things to do in Milan

Last month I spent 4 days in Milan with 2 of my best friends. Our trip was totally unplanned, so we ended up exploring lots of places tourists don't usually visit. In fact, the only thing we had planned, was visiting I-days Music Festival in Monza when Bastille, Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber went on stage. (Which is pretty much why we went to Milan in the first place.) 

What I Want #4 - Summer Holiday Picks

Summer wishlist 2017

I'm planning to go to Italy this summer and have been on the lookout for some cool items to wear and take with me. I typically tend to gravitate towards online shopping, since whenever I go to a physical store, I have such a hard time concentrating and finding anything I really like. Here's what has caught my eye so far.

Make Your Food Do More For You

make your food do more for you

Something which everyone can agree on is that the food you eat is hugely important. This is especially true if you are trying to maintain or get to a certain weight, or if you are keen to improve your health. Eating right, and in the right amount, is important at any time, no matter your age or anything else. However, the food you eat is not the only thing important. What is equally important is the way that you prepare, eat, store and surround your food eating ritual. These things all make a difference to what your food does for you - and in this post, I will be sharing some key ideas for how to make your food more beneficial - without actually changing the food itself.
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