Get Your Glow On: Luminosity Tips for This Fall

luminosity tips

Though fads and trends come and go each season, one thing is certain, we all want that luminous glow. Glowing skin feels great, looks healthy and makes you look younger too. Nutrition, exercise and hydration play a big part in maintaining skin's elasticity and getting your glow on. However, there are a few skincare secrets and makeup tricks that can add a sheen to your everyday life too. So today we’re going to focus on some tricks of the trade that will have you glowing like J-Lo in no time. 

NutriPlan 7-Day Morning & Bedtime Detox Tea

Although I love tea, I've always been a bit way of teatoxes. I've read some horrible things about them not being healthy at all. However, I've now realized that not all detox teas are the same. It's actually pretty similar to skin care - you need to analyze the ingredients!

Night-Time Beauty Habits All Women Should Practice

beauty habits

After a long and busy day, crawling into bed and going to sleep is often the most appealing thing to do. However, before you put on your pajamas, there are some important things you need to do first.

Brand Focus: Jungle Botanics

Jungle Botanics hair care products

In the past, I have never been very picky about my hair care products. I used to wash my hair with random shampoos, usually with whatever was on discount at the moment. However, that all changed when I tried a Korean shampoo from Daeng Gi Meo Ri last fall. It made such a huge difference to my hair, I had to analyse it's ingredients to see what made it so special. Turns out, it didn't include harsh sulfates!

Matcha, Mango and Coconut Popsicles

Matcha Mango Popsicles

Refreshing and healthy Matcha Mango Popsicles are THE BEST treat for a hot day! They are made with a bunch of my favourite ingredients: matcha powder, mango, coconut milk and fresh raspberries! Who knew mango goes so well it matcha???
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